Halitrex™ Takes Advantage of Oral Spray Technology

Unlike a pill that needs to be swallowed, Halitrex™ is sprayed into your mouth where the linings of the mouth, cheek and gums absorb the medicine and take it to the body's blood supply.

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   Rapid Delivery
is absorbed through the capillaries in the mouth and goes directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract. Pills and capsules can take 45 minutes to enter the bloodstream. Oral sprays are 9 times faster, and can deliver the medicine into the bloodstream within minutes.

   Complete Absorption
Pills and capsules can lose 80-90% of their nutrient level after working their way through the digestive system. Stomach acid and bile can combine to break down valuable nutrients in tablets, pills, and capsules rendering them ineffective.

There is extensive evidence supporting oral absorption as the best method for the administration of medicine into the bloodstream.

Oral Sprays allow for absorbtion within seconds by droplets that are instantly absorbed into the tissue through the capillaries. This allows the sprays to overcome the solubility and absorption problems accomp-anied by traditional pills.

Oral Sprays are ideal for people suffering with any digestive complaint such as Crohn's Disease, Colitis, Gastritis or IBS.

Oral sprays come in convenient bottles that are easy to keep in a purse, in your pocket, in your car, in a briefcase or at your desk at work. You can spray anywhere you need it - airplanes, offices, schools, health clubs, restaurants, etc.

Oral Sprays are designed to maintain the perfect balance in your system. With a few sprays you maintain a more constant distribution and proper concentration of our medicine throughout the body.

Halitrex™ uses the most portable new delivery system on the market. It is packaged in a small pump spray bottle that allows for convenient use throughout the day, whenever you need it. It is the only delivery system that allows for repeated, consistent dosage anywhere you may be.

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