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How Do You Get Bad Breath

What is Halitrex™?

Halitrex™ is a safe, non–addictive, natural bad breath remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients especially selected to reduce bad breath (halitosis), improve breath freshness and promote oral health. Halitrex™ fights the internal causes of bad breath. Halitrex™ may be taken at the first signs of bad breath to support systemic cleansing for fresher breath. For just pennies per dose!

Don't mask bad breath - treat it.

Rest assured, bad breath or halitosis is very common but unfortunately the person with it is often unaware that they have it.

90% of bad breath comes from the mouth, where bacteria produce gasses which have a rotten egg smell. These bacteria hide in the areas that you miss when you clean your teeth and also on the back of your tongue.

How Do You Get Bad Breath?

* Diet - You can also get transient bad breath from diet (e.g. garlic, onions etc.). Fortunately, most dietary causes can be masked by mouthwashes or mints.
* Smoking – Smoking is another culprit. By drying your mouth, it makes the smell worse and also builds up tar and nicotine inside your mouth.
* Bad Mouth Care - Incorrect cleaning of the teeth, flossing or mouth washing can leave behind bacteria which builds up.

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