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What is Halitrex™?

Halitrex™ is a safe, non–addictive, natural bad breath remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients especially selected to reduce bad breath (halitosis), improve breath freshness and promote oral health. Halitrex™ fights the internal causes of bad breath. Halitrex™ may be taken at the first signs of bad breath to support systemic cleansing for fresher breath.

For just pennies per dose Halitrex™ fights the cause of bad breath!

Don't mask bad breath - treat it.

In oral spray form, Halitrex™ is taken internally to maintain the natural system cleansing and detoxifying properties of the body to promote a healthy, fresh mouth, throat and digestive tract – ensuring that all systems are supported to improve breath freshness. Exclusively formulated to fight the cause of bad breath odor. Halitrex™ is convenient and easy to take wherever you are and whenever you need to fight bad breath.

Due to its unique homeopathic formula, Halitrex™ is safe for all ages, as well as during pregnancy and nursing. Halitrex™ is a Doctor formulated all natural homeopathic preparation. This medicine to treat bad breath is prepared in accordance with the HPUS in an FDA approved laboratory. This medicine is registered with the FDA as an over the counter drug to be sold without a doctor's prescription.

Strong enough for Adults - Safe for Children.


Tasteless. No dangerous side affects. No refined sugar. No artificial sweeteners. No chemicals. No artificial preservatives. No caffeine. No unsafe levels of herbal ingredients. Stimulant-free. Zero calories. Zero carbs. No known negative drug interactions. No contraindications.

The Best All Natural Remedy to Treat the Causes of Bad Breath

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Halitrex™ fights bad breath from the inside out. Get Rid of Bad Breath - Halitosis

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